What is The Highest Recorded Grade?

This makes for a very exciting time indeed!

Owning THE Best has been the pursuit of many since collecting began. It is the zenith in collecting; whether it be Coins, Diamonds, Stamps, Currency, Watches, or even Comic books. To have THE Best is a true accomplishment.

The HIGHEST RECORDED GRADE is the BEST copy graded by the CGC grading service.
CGC grading has been around for over two years now and has introduced an online Census of the books they have graded. This census reports how many of each particular book they have graded and keeps track of each grade. It is constantly updated and easy to use, making it a tremendous resource. Finding the Highest Recorded Grade of a particular book is now quite easy.
What is quite difficult is finding out who owns it and if they will sell it.

As hobbies evolve, owning the best becomes very expensive but the rewards are equally impressive.
Take Coins for instance. If you owned the best known set of Professionally graded Mercury Dimes, you could expect to pay over one million dollars - if you could assemble them. And there lies the greatest problem. Not the money (which is truly mind staggering to me), but getting a collector to let go of his treasure.
The same holds true for all hobbies that offer professionally graded items. The BEST of a kind has the highest demand, which in turn drives the price to own it up, up and away! Over time, it will set itself apart dramatically, both in desirability and in price.

Finding the Highest Recorded Grade of a particular book has been my specialty over this past year and it has been both exciting and disappointing at the same time. Exciting, because these icons are still priced very inexpensive and many sellers do not understand the magnitude of what they just sold. Disappointing, because I have very finite funds at a time where fortunes can be made.

The focus of my website is on this portion of the hobby, The Highest Recorded Grade, making it easy for the discerning collector or investor to buy. The work is done for you, just open the safe and have fun.

Important note:
Understand that the Highest Recorded Grade of many comic books will be below the 9.4 grade, especially with Goldenage. Get used to the fact that the BEST of a certain book may only be a VF 8.0.
The knowledgeable collector will understand this but in case this becomes a stumbling block to you, take a moment to read my other articles.

Also, there is the chance that a book listed as the Highest Recorded Grade today may not be in a year, or even possibly a few months from now. There is always the chance that a better copy could be found in the future.
Hmmmm...., do I buy now or wait and see? Great question!
If you buy now, when prices are actually low, the worst that can happen is that you will own one of the world’s best copies. The best that can happen is that time will confirm your book to be THE BEST existing. And we all know what that will mean.
On the flip side, if you wait, chances are the book you were considering will be gone. There is always someone willing to stand up and take the risk.

This makes for a very exciting time indeed!