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This web site offers a tremendous selection of Professionally Graded Comic Books with an emphasis on extremely HIGH GRADE or the BEST EXISTING of a kind. For more information, read my article titled The Highest Recorded CGC Grade.

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This is a very Rare comic book from March, 1937

MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #21 PGX 8.5 - Single Highest Pro grade!
GREEN HORNET #1 CGC NM 9.2 - 1st Bruce Lee
GREEN LANTERN #3 CGC 8.5 - Scarce Early DC Silver
and much More!

Incredible MARILYN MONROE and BETTIE PAGE CGC graded Magazines!
Most are Single Highest CGC Grades

Batman #154 CGC 9.4 - Highest CGC Grade

A wonderful selection of Professionally Graded comic books!

** Very 1st FANTASTIC FOUR MODEL CEL from 1967
Gorgeous Full color from Hanna- Barbera Files - Exceptionally Rare

First SUPERMAN Sunday page - High Grade from 1939 - RARE!

Fantastic X-MEN Animation Art

Early Silver Age DC CGC Graded

Very Rare BATMAN Sunday Pages - 1944 - Bob Kane art

TV SHOWTIME #nn CGC 6.5 July 1966
1st appearance of STAR TREK, anywhere!

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